November 23, 2013

An eMail I sent out to everyone at our school yesterday morning so that all who had come in contact with these two students would know there are at least a couple of grateful students in our realm. I hope it offers a semblance of encouragement to those of you who deal with some of the more difficult to teach students on a daily basis.

Subject: Grateful Students …

Hello Everyone,

This morning in class we did a round robin about life and being thankful. (I am very fortunate to have a class that is small enough to do that within a short period of time.) As we moved into our lesson for the day, one of the students asked if those who wanted to continue with their “story” could we do that instead. In one of those amazingly intuitive moments (smile), I agreed.

One of my senior students got up to the podium and talked for several minutes. Another tenth grade student followed. Both students shared their pain and the wisdom gleaned from what they had experienced in the past – in such a mature and unemotional way that you could just feel how happy they were to have passed such a stage of “awfulnessness” in their life. I thought you would like to hear how grateful these two students, who have had significantly difficult challenges to come through, had to say.

They were grateful to everyone who had helped them and believed in them. They acknowledged the difficulties they caused for friends, family, and to those at school. They reached deep into themselves for strength and were exceptionally grateful for being able to change their life and study habits for the better.

We all listened with rapt appreciation for their trust and willingness to share the growth that had taken place as a result of their tragic, at such a young age, experiences. I am sure you may have noticed a significant turn-around in them if they are in your classes. If you have not, please take a minute or two to acknowledge these two marvelous young souls for the strength and courage they have had to move through their exceptionally tough challenges.

The depth of thought and reflections shared were such a magnificent way to begin our Thanksgiving break. Wishing you all a wonderful week of rest and good food!

Be safe and well,


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