These presentations were written by Notre Dame de Namur University by fellow graduate school students in the NDNU Education Specialist Credential program and permission granted for posting.  Some documents are PowerPoint presentations and others have been converted to pdf files.  You will need  the applicable software to view these files.

PowerPoint is a Microsoft Office application and the Adobe Reader can be downloaded at http://get.adobe.com/reader/.

Kendra Woods Presentation Image

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The Parent’s Guide for Children with Special Needs and Sports presentation was written by Kendra Wood and provides information about sports activities and the special education child such as Why are Sports Important?; Who is involved?; Local Team vs. Private Organization; Benefits for Family of a child with special needs; Stigma’s or Myth’s; Getting Involved; and Stigma’s and Myths.
Liz Latham Presentation Image

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Liz Latham did her project on What is a Learning Disability? She is a special education teacher who has learned through experience that a lot of teachers don’t know what to look for or are confused on the subject. Topics covered in her presentation include whether a succinct defintion; whether learning disabilities are a problem with intelligence or motivation; whether all learning disabilities are the same; explains the causes of learning disabilities and the signs and symptoms; the types of learning disabilities; what can be done; eligibility versus ineligibility; and, how to best support your child.
Clarissa Melissa Parent Guide Image

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Clarissa Maliga’s Parent Resource Guide for Special Education works in a high school Special Education office. She presents information in reference to listing parent resources, how to request assistance is your child is having difficulty learning in school, who can make a referral and request an evaluation, defines an IEP and meeting deadlines, and offers a listing of additional resources in the Bay Area.



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